April 12, 2024: Postdoctoral Position in Reproductive Immunology in the Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology & Reproductive Sciences at Yale School of Medicine, New Haven CT, USA. The Abrahams Lab focuses on understanding the role of innate immune Toll-like receptor, Nod-like receptor, and inflammasome family members in placental, fetal membrane, and maternal-fetal immune responses to infectious and non-infectious stimuli, and their role in regulating pregnancy outcome, including those complicated by infections and by autoimmune diseases. The current position will involve studying the mechanisms by which non-infectious antiphospholipid antibodies, that are associated with lupus, induce placental trophoblast inflammation and impact their communication with the maternal vasculature. Applicants should have a PhD in a relevant field such as Immunology; Reproductive Sciences; or Cellular and/or Molecular Biology. Applicants should email: 1) a Curriculum Vitae; 2) contact information for three references; and 3) a description of their research background and interests and career goals to Dr Vikki M Abrahams, PhD (vikki.abrahams@yale.edu). Click here for more information.

April 12, 2024: Postdoctoral Position in Molecular Mechanisms Regulating Placenta Development, University of Kansas Medical Center, Kansas MS, USA. NIH-funded postdoctoral position is available to investigate molecular mechanisms controlling hemochorial placentation using human and rat stem cells and genetically manipulated rat models. Applicants should have a Ph.D. and/or M.D. degree and experience in biochemical and molecular biology research approaches and a strong work ethic. The applicant should have a commitment to becoming an independent scientist. Please send curriculum vitae, a letter outlining research experience and career goals, and names and addresses of three references to: Dr. Michael J. Soares, msoares@kumc.edu. For more information click here

January 15, 2024: Next Generation Fellowship, Centre for Trophoblast Research, University of Cambridge, UK. Competitive 3-year fellowship aimed at providing a stepping-stone to research independence in reproductive and placental biology. The fellowship provides a salary, consumables budget and international visa sponsorship for applicants of all nationalities. The application deadline is February 13, 2024. Find out more at https://www.trophoblast.cam.ac.uk/ngf-overview and here.

January 10, 2024: Postdoctoral position, L’UMR 1280 Physiolpathologies des Adaptations Nutritionelles (PhAN), Nantes Université-INRAE, France. UMR PhAN’s research focuses on nutrition during the first 1,000 days and the mechanisms by which it can regulate fetal and postnatal growth and neurodevelopment, thus conditioning cognitive capacities and metabolic outcomes via the phenomenon of nutritional programming. The aim of the project is to study the effect of external exposures during pregnancy on the regulation of placental function and the consequences on the development of neurodevelopmental disorders. This will involve a multi-omics approach combining transcriptomics and epigenomics of the placenta with metabolomic/lipidomic analysis of the mother-placenta-fetus triad and anlysis of the childrens’ microbiota. 22 months, beginning March 2024. More information here. Contact veronique.ferchaud-roucher@univ-nantes.fr and valerie.amarger@univ-nantes.fr

December 27, 2023 : Postdoctoral recruitment for the Integrated Transporter Elucidation Center (InTec)/USA, multiple locations. InTEC is a consortium between multiple universities to advance our understanding of how placental transporters impact the disposition of endobiotics, xenobiotics, and overall pregnancy health. Funded by NICHD, InTEC utilizes novel technologies to profile the SLC and ABC transporter proteome, predict and validate novel substrates and regulators of placental transport, and simulate maternal-fetal disposition using a vascularized placenta-on-a-chip. Each site within InTEC is hiring postdoctoral fellows to participate in this consortium. Positions are available at Rutgers University in New Jersey, the University of North Carolina, University of Pennsylvania and Tulane University in New Orleans. More information here.