• Support and promote excellence in placenta research.
  • Encourage the further development of currently established regional placenta groups (Australian/New Zealand Placenta Research Association, European Placenta Group, Japanese Placenta Association, Placenta Association of the Americas) and new groups in other parts of the world.
  • Coordinate the dates, locations and themes of regional and IFPA-designated meetings.
  • Provide a scientific organization to be responsible for all matters pertaining to the publication, Trophoblast Research, and to offer guidance and advice to the Editors, Editorial Boards and Publishers of publications focusing on placenta research to include Placenta and Trophoblast Research.
  • Provide a forum for developing, expanding and publicizing available research funding as well as employment and educational opportunities.
  • Provide a repository for information on placentologists from all disciplines and all nations, including their addresses, fields of interest and analytical methods, to be made available to member organizations.
  • Encourage the continued development of placenta research to include improved visibility within the international scientific community.

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