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The International Federation of Placenta Associations is comprised of four placental research organisations from different regions around the world.

These organisations are:

Australian & New Zealand Placental Research Association (ANZPRA)
Founded in 1990, this group encompasses Australia, New Zealand and Southeast Asia.

European Placenta Group (EPG)
The EPG covers Europe and the Middle East, including the Israeli Society for Placenta Research (ISPR) and was founded in 1984.

Japan Placenta Association (JPA)
This organization is the regional group for Japan, founded in 1988.

Placenta Association of the Americas (PAA)
In 2001 the PAA was set up to include North America, Central America and South America. It works closely with the Latin America Society for Maternal-Fetal Interaction and Placenta (SLIMP)

 IFPA was set up to coordinate between these regional groups, primarily to assist in organizing research conferences around the world. These meetings are designed to gather placental researchers together to present their data, to discuss their research and to develop collaborative ties.

These meetings rotate between the groups to allow regular access to an international meeting in each of these areas. Thus our meetings over the last few years have been: 2007 Kingston, Ontario, Canada (PAA), 2008 Seggau, Austria (EPG), 2009 Adelaide, Australia (ANZPRA), 2010 Santiago, Chile (PAA), 2011 Geilo, Norway (EPG), 2012 Hiroshima, Japan (JPG), 2013 Whistler, British Columbia, Canada (PAA), 2014 Paris, France (EPG), 2015 Brisbane, Australia (ANZPRA), 2016 Portland, Oregon, USA (PAA).

The abstracts of our meetings are published in the Elsevier journal PLACENTA, while the major proceedings are published in the annual issue of TROPHOBLAST RESEARCH which is jointly owned by IFPA and Elsevier. We have a cooperative arrangement with the Elsevier journal PLACENTA, allowing our membership, through the IFPA Executive, to select the editors of PLACENTA. We also select the editor of TROPHOBLAST RESEARCH.


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