Deadline extended to: Jan 14, 2022

The continuing uncertainty caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has led us to postpone the annual IFPA meeting scheduled for 2022 in Rotorua, New Zealand. It will be held instead in 2023. In the interim, we are planning regional IFPA events. The first, organized by the Placenta Association of the Americas (PAA) is an IFPA Conference Day at the 2022 Society of Reproductive Investigation meeting in Denver. With the agreement and support of the IFPA Executive and SRI Council, we are planning a day of placental science on March 15, 2022, the day before the PAA Placental Satellite meeting. Our meeting will require registration but will be free to attendees. To put this together we need your help. We will have several different sessions and we need participants and ideas for discussion topics. These are laid out below.

Early Career Researchers

We will have 15 min talks by 8 early career researchers (ECRs). If you are an ECR and you want to present your work, we ask that you submit a 300-word abstract (not including title, authors and affiliations). It is important that if you have an abstract submitted to the SRI meeting, we do not want you to present that work, it must be on another topic. Many of you will have research that is not being presented at the SRI – that’s the research we are interested in. If you are presenting at the SRI, you should also include that abstract with the abstract of the work you wish to present of the IFPA Conference Day, because we may include your work as part of the the discussion groups proposed in the program (see below). We will provide $500 in travel funding for those ECRs selected to present their work at the IFPA Conference Day and there will be a $500 prize for the best presentation.

Andrée Gruslin Award

This award is named in honor of Dr. Andrée Gruslin, a maternal-fetal medicine specialist and researcher who, while battling breast cancer, continued not only her obstetrical service but also drove a well-known research program until her death in 2014. She spent her life researching placental health as a way of reducing risk from conditions such as preeclampsia and intrauterine growth restriction. This prize will be awarded to an outstanding female mid-career investigator in the field of placental or placental-related biology. The candidates can be nominated by others or can self-nominate. As a guide, candidates should be at the assistant/associate professor level. The award comprises a prize of $2500 (donated by Elsevier), a lecture to be given at the IFPA Conference Day and the requirement to contribute an article to the annual issue of Trophoblast Research. This year, this award will be confined to North American candidates. Next year the award will be open to all except North Americans.

Senior/mid-career investigators

We wish to have presentations by 3 senior/mid-career investigators as part of the Conference Day. Each will have a 30 min presentation. Presenters can self-nominate and should send a 300 word abstract. Presentations should not overlap with those that the investigator might be giving during the SRI. Preference will be given to those whose topics differ from those being presented during the PAA Satellite Meeting.

Discussion groups

Instead of workshops, we have opted for more informal discussion groups. Each will be focused on a topic selected to reflect your ideas and research. We will select the groups based on your direct input and on the submitted abstracts (SRI or IFPA). Each group will have a discussion leader, but its success will depend on your participation at the meeting. The goal will be discuss a specific or controversial aspect of the topic, with the hope of sparking discussion, generating new ideas, introducing researchers to each other and promoting collaboration .

What you can do

Listed below are the ways you can contribute. Please do so as soon as possible so that we can assemble the program in the near future. We expect to close out contributions on December 15, 2021, so as to give enough time to select participants and develop the program, but we hope you can make your contribution earlier.


If you will be coming to the IFPA Conference Day in Denver on March 15, 2022, please email us at info@ifpa.epineux.com with “Registration” in the subject line. Please include your name, institution and status (e.g. ECR or Investigator). If someone you know will be there (e.g. one of your trainees), please ask them to register separately so that we can obtain an accurate count of attendees.

Early Career Researchers

If you want to present at the IFPA Conference Day, submit a 300-word abstract to info@ifpa.epineux.com and put “Abstract” in the subject line. If you are also submitting an abstract to the SRI, please attach a copy. Finally, let us know that you qualify as an ECR by listing your current position and supervisor.

Andrée Gruslin Award

This year we are asking for nominations from North America only. Next year’s award will be for candidates outside North America only. Submit a nomination for the award. Nominations can be self-submitted or submitted by others. Letters of nomination should include the candidate’s current CV/resumé and should be submitted to  info@ifpa.epineux.com with “Gruslin” in the subject line.  

Senior/mid-career investigators

This can be self-nomination or nomination by others. Nominations for these presentation should submit a 300-word abstract to  info@ifpa.epineux.com with “Senior/mid-career” in the subject line.

Discussion groups

Please submit your ideas/possible topics for a discussion group, preferably including a question or controversy which you think should be discussed. Submit your suggestions to  info@ifpa.epineux.com with “Discussion” in the subject line.


•  Agrees to be nominated.

•  Will be present at the meeting

• Includes a current CV/resumé with the nominating letter. Submission of abstracts and nominations closes on January 14, 2022. Submissions will be judged by an international panel of IFPA reviewers and successful candidates will be notified as soon as possible after review. If you have any questions, please post to info@ifpa.epineux.com with “Question” in the subject line.

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